Thursday, 14 August 2014

Introduction to Tom Brimeyer - Visible example of the results chain situation:

As a child, Mary was constantly physically abused by her father. She thought she was unlovable. He felt insecure and hated herself. She found comfort in food. She gained weight.

His self-hatred for the constant search for external approval and love of others. She accepted an abusive partner only because she desperately wanted to have someone in your life and I was afraid of not finding someone who wanted to marry her (feeder weight gain). He worked for 20 years in a job where your boss has never appreciated her (feeder weight gain). Now in her late 40s, she still feels unlovable and his only comfort / escape / the joy of eating it. What does this mean for you?

His current weight is the result of your thinking. Beliefs are thoughts about yourself and how you could deal with certain experiences. Beliefs are the root of their thinking. Their beliefs are learned and can be changed. How to achieve weight loss mindset? Change your beliefs. Why diets do not work? Diets need to correct our habits, no reason why these patterns is performed. Require willpower / motivation. As soon as the motivation is gone, our beliefs lead us back to the realization of the same deeply ingrained habits.

They do not address the cause of the habit. In conclusion, change your beliefs, feelings, new behaviors and new habits will naturally follow. By having the right beliefs, you will achieve an automatic bias toward healthier habits and you will acquire an attitude that will take you effortlessly to permanent weight loss. AbstractNow you understand why diets cannot work in the long run, why your thinking do is the real cause of your weight gain and why creating the right beliefs is the only way to achieve a loss. Mindset weight.

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